Asu Kampret

The perfect baked oatmeal for summer. This is a good hot breakfast  when blueberries are in season.    Mixes up quickly and there are leftovers for us to heat up for a few mornings. You can

A  nice healthy, fresh salad for lunch using up things I had in my produce bowl. The fresh cilantro and lemon juice really give  it a big boost of flavor.   Avocado, Cucumber,Tomato Salad 1 avocado, scooped

I always have a cans of clams in the house for this favorite, easy, quick dinner. It’s a favorite of ours to order when we go out, but it’s just as good at home. You

I love this recipe because it’s easy and I can make it ahead. Then pop it into the panggangan in the morning. While it’s baking we can take our morning walk with Sofie the pup

These individual omelet muffins mean everyone can have their favorite omelet fillings, and they are all ready at the same time. Omelet making just got easier!  I had onion, green paper, ham, tomato,  spinach and

Oven baked tilapia with a garlic-herb coating. It couldn’t get any easier. You can make any serving amount you want and don’t really need to follow the recipe exactly. This quick and delicious recipe works with

This is one of our favorite things to eat, grilled lamb chops!  I like to marinade them for the day. I shake up the marinade ingredients in a jar and pour it over the chops

Banana and chocolate are flavors  that are just meant for each other. When bananas get over ripe they are perfect  for my favorite Banana Bread or these moist  and delicious banana chocolate chip muffins.  If I’m not going to

This is a wonderful Sunday family dinner that transitions your summer meals into fall. It’s incredibly flavorful and will make your entire house smell like a big ‘welcome home‘. It’s nice to make on the