California Sandwich Recipe   Makes 2 large sandwiches or 4 small wraps Chive Spread:   1/4 CUP GREEK YOGURT OR MAYONNAISE (OR 2 TABLESPOONS OF EACH) 1 TABLESPOON FINELY CHOPPED FRESH CHIVES SALT AND PEPPER,

Tẵco Stuffed ẵvocẵdos. The perfect low cẵrb Tẵco! These ẵvocẵdos ẵre loẵded up with the BEST tẵco meẵt, cheese, tomẵtoes, lettuce ẵnd ẵ dollop of sour creẵm. Perfect for ẵn eẵsy lunch or light dinner.

Here’s a vegetarian version of the famous stuffed grape leaves! Lebanon is not only known for it’s kibbeh and chicken and rice, but it’s also known for having some pretty delicious vegetarian dishes. Traditionally, many Lebanese people would

Here’s a simple and easy recipe for a warm fava bean salad! This vegetarian dish makes a great snack, appetizer, or a healthy lunch or dinner. It’s delicious with toasted and non-toasted pita bread or

Here’s a great dish for chickpea lovers! This quick and easy recipe is the same as our Foule recipe, except instead of fava beans we use chickpeas. Enjoy this warm chickpea salad with toasted or non-toasted

PREP IN: 10 minsCOOK IN: 20 minsSERVES: 3-4Ingredients6 medium Rooster potatoes2 tablespoon lemon juice1 teaspoon paprika1 teaspoon chilli flakes4 cloves garlic finely choppedlarge handful corianderSaltOlive oil/butter or half and halfMethodCut the potatoes roughly into cubes