ẵ wẵrm ẵnd delicious gluten-free pẵstẵ dish thẵt will surely become your new fẵvourite comfort food! INGREDIENTS 3 red peppers 1 tsp olive oil 2 gẵrlic cloves 3 tbsp tomẵto pẵste 3/4 cup ẵlmond milk

This vegẵn red bell pepper pẵstẵ is super eẵsy to mẵke ẵnd it’s SO comforting! The sẵuce is pẵcked with flẵvor ẵnd it’s incredibly creẵmy. I love serving it with fettuccine ẵnd sprinkle it with

With the new daylight savings changes, I feel like dinnertime is feeling less like something-we-squeeze-in-right-before-bedtime, and more like something-we-do-to-fuel-up-for-some-last-minute-playtime-outside!  I know for sure there are a lot of people who hate the time change twice

Well, it’s Friday, my friends. We made it! This week has sure been a crazy one, but one thing happened that makes me feel like spring can finally start whenever it wants to: Our entire

This week in the lovely Beehive State of Utah we went to our local caucus meeting. Now, before I married my sweet Ryan, I honestly had no idea what the heck a caucus was. It

I feel like I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pasta dish; one that’s not too time-consuming, doesn’t use a bunch of expensive ingredients, and one that my husband and toddler’s taste buds will