This is one of our favorite things to eat, grilled lamb chops!  I like to marinade them for the day. I shake up the marinade ingredients in a jar and pour it over the chops

These lamb chops are brushed with dijon mustard and coated with a garlic-herb crumb crust. This recipe gives these chops a delicious rack of lamb flavor. They are oven-roasted for under 20  minutes. You can

This is my favorite lamb marinade because it’s so easy and loaded with garlic and herbs. This leg of lamb can be grilled, roasted in the oven, or even better if butterflied and grilled. It’s

              Ingredients for 2 Portions:   2 lamb shanks (ask butcher for the smaller fore shanks)   1 teaspoon salt, plus more as needed   freshly ground black pepper

                  Ingredients for 8 portions:   1 pound ground lamb   1 pound ground beef   1/2 cup finely diced yellow onion   4 cloves garlic, crushed