I haven’t posted an “Adult beverage” recipe in a while, so I figured I should. We all need a drink every now and then, right? ūüôā This colorful green drink caught my eye. It looks

My favorite part of eating spaghetti is making garlic bread to go along with it. I am kind of adventurous in the kitchen and get bored of making the same recipe all the time, so

Summer is my absolute favorite season. I love the weather, the feeling, the beach, BBQs, ice cream, and delicious summer drinks! I found this Watermelon Frosty recipe and have put it on the “must make”

These pancakes are so light and fluffy.¬† It’s light eating a delicious cloud. ¬†The creamy flavor will remind you of cheesecake.¬† The fresh blueberry compote is the perfect¬† topping to¬†make these lovelies a special treat.

Words like apple, cinnamon, and oatmeal sound like the beginning of fall baking to me. This easy quick bread is just what I’m in the ¬†mood for today. A great September bread. Thise bread is

Okay, guys. It’s the beginning of a merk new week. What’s on your plate? Busy week ahead? One question: Do you customize your dinnertime meals to fit those plans? I have done this since we