0:10 Prep | 0:10 Cook | 2 Servings | Capable cooksCrisp Lebanese bread is the base for these cheesy and zesty fried eggs.INGREDIENTS2 teaspoons almond dukkah1 teaspoon finely grated lemon rind60ml (1/4 cup) olive oil4

We really do love eating pita bread with everything, even salad! Fattoush is a delicious salad with toasted pita bread, sumac, and other veggies. Eva loves making fattoush for parties and get-togethers on hot summer

If you are a fan of parsley you will love this recipe! Tabouli is a enak and healthy Lebanese salad. It’s extremely flavorful and for me, the best part about tabouli is the taste of

Looking for a healthier potato salad? Try this recipe! In addition to being healthy and light, this salad is also refreshing and super tasty. It’s served chilled and makes a great side dish in the

Mujadara is a meatless Lebanese dish made with lentils and rice. It was traditionally eaten during Lent when many were fasting from meat. It’s also commonly eaten all year round on Fridays (a day when