With the new daylight savings changes, I feel like dinnertime is feeling less like something-we-squeeze-in-right-before-bedtime, and more like something-we-do-to-fuel-up-for-some-last-minute-playtime-outside!  I know for sure there are a lot of people who hate the time change twice

Well, it’s Friday, my friends. We made it! This week has sure been a crazy one, but one thing happened that makes me feel like spring can finally start whenever it wants to: Our entire

As a food blogger, there are a few times a week (especially when we get a little closer to those dark winter evenings) I make our dinner at lunchtime. The light is much better in

When we were first married, Ryan and I took turns cooking dinner. We cycled through some of the same meals most of the time, but sometimes I’d have time in my busy undergrad schedule (yes,

If you’ve been following closely on Instagram, you already know about my new camera: the amazing Cannon Rebel DSLR that my dear friend Natalie from Life {Made} Simple gifted me. It was seriously the kindest