A one dish dinner that takes just a few minutes to put together. This casserole is just right for a busy fall day when you’re short on time and crave a homey comfort-food dinner. A

This is such a flavorful dinner and I love that it can be prepared ahead of time. I can just pop in the oven whenever we want dinner. No last minute dinner fussing. This chicken

These lamb chops are brushed with dijon mustard and coated with a garlic-herb crumb crust. This recipe gives these chops a delicious rack of lamb flavor. They are oven-roasted for under 20  minutes. You can

Eating clean and healthy does not mean boring. This recipe really kicks it up a notch, both in flavor and with your metabolism. Cayenne, ginger, and mustard are ingredients that help you burn fat. Plus

I love good scrambled eggs. They take just a few minutes to make  and these are yummy! This is a so-easy way to give scrambled eggs  a big flavor boost. No measuring really. It’s a

Have you ever had a chocolate cobbler? It’s thick, dense, rich, warm, oozy-gooey, and wonderful. And did I mention it makes it’s  own chocolate fudge sauce? You can whip one up anytime. It’s fast, it’s

This is my favorite lamb marinade because it’s so easy and loaded with garlic and herbs. This leg of lamb can be grilled, roasted in the oven, or even better if butterflied and grilled. It’s

Here’s another treat for chocolate lovers. Everything you love about a hot fudge sundae is in this warm chocolate cake.  It makes it’s own fudge sauce on the bottom as it bakes. And its so

If I had you at shrimp, then the butter and cream will cinch the deal. I came up with this recipe years ago using ingredient combinations from 2 other chicken recipes. What could go wrong

This is a different coating for fish. it’s all parmesan cheese, seasoning.  It’s easy and delicious.  I’m using catfish, but this recipe will work with tilapia or any fish. Mix up the coating in a