Just add a little pumpkin spice mix to your French Toast batter for a “welcome to fall” breakfast. Mix the batter in a pie dish. Don’t have pumpkin spice mix? Make your own. You’ll be using

 You can pretend that you’re in a charming Bed & Breakfast in Vermont enjoying the splendor of Fall with  this hearty pumpkin spiced breakfast. Top it with cinnamon sprinkled whipped cream.  Combine the pumpkin, eggs, sugar,

When I am grilling steaks in my (favorite) cast iron pan on the stovetop it’s an opportunity to make  a delicious pan sauce. Those wonderful browned bits and juices do not go to waste. They are used to make a simple pan

These extra light and fluffy pancakes may just become your new favorites. They taste a lot like buttermilk pancakes, but since I seldom have real buttermilk, I always have sour cream in the refrigerator. It

To bring out the best flavor of ground beef you need to treat it like a steak and Sear It! This method will forever change the way you cook hamburger for sauces and chili. Season one

The perfect baked oatmeal for summer. This is a good hot breakfast  when blueberries are in season.    Mixes up quickly and there are leftovers for us to heat up for a few mornings. You can

A  nice healthy, fresh salad for lunch using up things I had in my produce bowl. The fresh cilantro and lemon juice really give  it a big boost of flavor.   Avocado, Cucumber,Tomato Salad 1 avocado, scooped

I always have a cans of clams in the house for this favorite, easy, quick dinner. It’s a favorite of ours to order when we go out, but it’s just as good at home. You

I love this recipe because it’s easy and I can make it ahead. Then pop it into the panggangan in the morning. While it’s baking we can take our morning walk with Sofie the pup