The Best Way To Cook Ground Beef

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To bring out the best flavor of ground beef

you need to treat it like a steak and Sear It!

This method will forever change the way you
cook hamburger for sauces and chili.
Season one side of the flattened beef and put
that side into a hot, lightly oiled skillet. Leave it
without breaking it up until it develops a nicely
browned bottom (about 3 minutes). Season the
top side and flip it with a large spatula. Now
let that side brown. Drain off any excess fat.
You should already be smelling a familiar
grilled steak aroma. Better, yes?

Now start breaking it up with the spatula

and continue to brown the meat all over as
you normally do. Add the garlic or onions or
whatever your recipe calls for.

Continue making your sauce, chili….and




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