Secret Ingredient Scrambled Eggs

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I love good scrambled eggs.
They take just a few minutes to make

 and these are yummy!

This is a so-easy way to give scrambled eggs
 a big flavor boost. No measuring really.
It’s a secret because no one can guess just

what’s been added. Ranch Dressing!

 Just add a glop when you’re whisking the eggs.
As you usually do along with a splash of milk
and some salt and pepper.
Just whisk everything together.
You can play around with the amounts until
you get the flavor you like. I give an idea
of the amounts in the recipe below. Adjust
for however many eggs you are making.
I also add chopped
chives (from my garden) because it adds
just a little more mystery. You can
experiment with other herbs too.
Cook in butter in a skillet on medium heat,
stirring in the cheese last. Serve on warm plates
with buttered toast.

“Secret Ingredient” Scrambled Eggs
4 XL eggs
2 T Ranch Dressing
2 T milk
salt and pepper
shredded cheddar cheese
Whisk the eggs, a splash of milk, a glop
of dressing, salt and pepper. Cook in butter
on medium heat. Stir in as much cheese as you
like. Serve on warm plates.
Serves 2

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