Slow Cooker Shredded Bbq Chicken Sliders

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Sometimes I share recipes that take a long time to make, have a long list of ingredients, and use kind of a lot of dishes to make. For that, I apologize – in their defense, they probably tasted amazing. In all honest, they tasted WAY awesome.
But not all the time before dinner can be sucked into well, making dinner. Sometimes, yes. Most of the time, nope. That’s why recipes like this one exist. They’re simple, the ingredients are very few, and this dishes it takes to make them can be counted on one hand. So before we all get cranky about how simple this recipe is… make it… and thank me later. 🙂

When I was growing up, my Mom made the best slow cooker BBQ ribs. I always thought she spent hours in the kitchen perfecting the recipe. Whenever she threw those little babies in the slow cooker, and we seriously almost became intoxicated with the smell of amazing slow cooked soft meats, I claimed she was the queen of everything. Her BBQ ribs were my favorite, they tasted incredible, and I knew I just had to have the recipe.


I literally almost fell to the floor when she told me what the ingredients were:
ribs and BBQ sauce.
That’s it.
Seriously, that was IT.
These are the recipes we want in our kitchen: the easiest dang things, that taste incredible, that require little to zero effort to make. So, before we laugh it up at the almost 2-ingredient dish, trust me – these guys were amazing! I adapted her recipe for chicken, threw them in the crock pot before church, tossed a couple sweet potatoes in the oven, and when we came home three hours later, dinner practically made itself. It was heavenly.


Slow Cooker Shredded BBQ Chicken Sliders
makes 4 servings
fresh bakery small rolls, sliced in half
3 whole chicken breasts
1 regular bottle of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce (we used the brown sugar one)
*optional: chicken broth for thickening at the end
1. Place the whole chicken breasts in a small slow cooker and top with bbq sauce. Cover tightly with lid, then slow cook for 4 hours on high.
2. Shred with two forks, and add a little bit of chicken broth if the sauce needs thickening. Serve on little sliced rolls, and enjoy!
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