Pita Pocket With Falafel Recipe

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The Kitchen (The home of Delicious Arabic Food) invites you to try Pita Pocket with Falafel recipe. Enjoy the Arabic cuisine and learn how to make Pita Pocket with Falafel.

Recipe by LifeStyle FOOD

7 Ingredients
Serves 1


1 wholemeal pita pocket

3 chickpea felafels

½ tomato, sliced

½ cucumber, sliced

Spanish onion, finely sliced (optional)


1 tablespoon mayonnaise


1. Cut one end of the pita pocket and gently open out.

2. Spread mayonnaise into pocket.

3. Slice felafels into three or four pieces and place evenly in the felafel.

4. Layer with tomato, cucumber, Spanish onions and sprouts.

happy cooking.

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