Filo Dessert With Cream Recipe

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 Serve these sweet filo rolls with thick home Filo Dessert with Cream Recipe
Filo Dessert with Cream

Serve these sweet filo rolls with thick home-made cream for a delicious midweek dessert!

Preparation Time: 60 minutes approximately
Cooking Time: 30 minutes approximately
Serves: 6-10 persons

All you need

For the cream:
4 tbsps. al alali Corn Starch
4 1/2 cups cold milk prepared of al alali Full Cream Milk Powder
1 tsp. rose water

For the phyllo pastry:
4 cups milk prepared of al alali Full Cream Milk Powder
12 sheets Phyllo pastry
Vegetable oil for frying
al alali Arabic Dessert Syrup Cardamom flavor
Finely ground pistachio for garnish
roses jam for garnish


For the Cream:

  1. Dissolve al alali Corn Flour in one cup of al alali Full Cream Milk
  2. In a saucepan, heat the remaining quantity of milk prepared from al alali Full Cream Milk over medium heat, add rose water
  3. Add flour mixture to the hot milk, stirring continuously until thick. Set aside
  4. Pour the mixture in a rectangle plate, cover plastic foil, refrigerate for 2 hours
  5. Remove the cold cream from the fridge, cut into small squares sized (5 cm)

For the Phyllo dough:

  1. Place the milk prepared of al alali Full Cream Milk Powder in a deep tray
  2. Dip the phyllo sheets in the milk until completely covered, remove and fill with cream slices. Fold and roll the sheet to form an envelope shape. Place in a baking tray. Set aside for 2 minutes to completely absorbed the milk
  3. Press by hand to get rid of the extra milk before frying
  4. In a frying pan, heat oil over medium heat, fry both sides until golden brown
  5. Place the fried pieces on a paper sheet to remove the extra oil. Set aside
  6. Pour al alali Cardamom Arabic Dessert Syrup, garnish with ground pistachio and rose jam
  7. Serve and enjoy!

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happy cooking.

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