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Fattoush is one of the known traditional salads in the Middle Eastern cuisine. The main ingredients of this salad are “Summa”, which gives Fattoush its sour taste, and the fried or toasted Arabic bread pieces. It’s a great salad at any time of the year, and it’s well known to be served in Ramadan, Muslims fasting month.


4-5 cups Lettuce (1 medium size lettuce), shredded by hand

2 cups Rocket leaves (Jarjeer)

4 medium Cucumber (about 4 cups), sliced half circles

4 medium Tomatoes, diced 1 inch pieces

1 cup Portulaca (Purslane) leaves (in Arabic: Baqleh or Barbir)

½ cup Red Radish (in Arabic: Fejel), sliced half circles.

3-4 Spring Onion (in Arabic: Basul Akhdur), chopped

2 tbsp Dried Mint

2 tbsp Summac

1 ½ cup flat Arabic bread, or Pita bread, cut into1 inch squares

***For Dressing: ¾ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil+ 1/3 cup mixture of Lemon juice& White Vinegar+ 2 tsp Salt+ ½ tsp Black Pepper+ 4 cloves Garlic, whole


1. Prepare Dressing by mixing all dressing ingredients together in a jar. Shake well and keep in fridge while preparing the salad.
2. Place the bread pieces in an panggangan tray and drizzle thoroughly with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and place in preheated panggangan for about 5-10 minutes till golden and crunchy, OR you can deep fry the bread instead.
3. Mix all salad ingredients together. Add salt to season.
4. Mix with half of the toasted bread pieces. Add dressing and mix well (don’t add all dressing, 1/2-3/4 the quantity).
5. Top the salad with the rest of the bread and sprinkle some summac and serve.

Recipe by Huda Abu Hamdia

happy cooking.

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