Spicy Pork & Vegetable Tofu

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Ingredients for 4 Portions:


1 1/4 pounds ground pork


1 pound firm tofu, cubed (my package was 14 ounces)


handful of sliced green onions


minced hot chili peppers, as much as you like


3 small zucchini, cubed, toss with 1 tablespoon kosher salt (rinse after 15 minutes)


freshly chopped cilantro to finish


sliced green onions for the top




For the sauce:


3 tablespoons Korean chili paste aka Gochujang, or other chili paste product to taste (click here to read a little more about Gochujang)


1/3 cup rice vinegar


1/4 cup hoisin sauce


2 tablespoons soy sauce


1 tablespoon ketchup


1 tablespoon sesame oil


4 cloves minced garlic


1 tablespoon finely grated ginger


happy cooking.

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