Apparently Size Doesn’t Matter for Prime Rib Method X

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This is what our 6-pounder looked like. Would a
20 pounder work as well? Spoiler Alert: Yes.

happy cooking.

The most common question after we posted our now famous “Method X” for making perfect prime rib was “will this work with much bigger, full-size roasts?” Since I’d only used the method on smaller specimens, I was hesitant to green-light much larger pieces of beef without having tested it myself.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Prime rib is very expensive, so no matter what method you use (traditional or Method X), you should always have a probe-style thermometer inserted so that the internal temp can be monitored, to avoid any chance of over-cooking. Set the probe alarm (125 F. for medium-rare) just in case, and pull the roast from oven even if there’s still time left on the timer.



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